Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Print SMS From Android Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips

Have you always aspired to turn the Android phone into more helpful and stronger device? The Android app reviews demonstrate that having the free apps for the Android phone may help you out with it. Android Companies are basically a web based software store that is produced for the Android devices by Google. Having good and useful Print SMS from android app is a superb opportunity which nobody really wants to overlook.

How To Print SMS From Android?

Need to Print SMS from android to PC? SMS EasyReader&Printer will be a great Android app that helps you transfer SMS from Android to computer, and then lets you print Android operating system SMS messages on computer without any difficulty. The subsequent step by step tips will help you how to Print SMS from android. The same technique can be used to print SMS form Android phone on Mac.

Send to your email

·      To print SMS file at first, open the SMS file and from the option menu choose Send.
·      Enter your email address in the A field and then click the Submit button.
·      Sign in to your e-mail account from a computer linked to a printing device.
·      Open up the e-mail delivered from your phone, click on the File menu and click Print option to open the print dialog box.
·      Choose your printer model and number of copies you want to print, then press the Print button.  

Export data to your computer

·    Install an application to export sms.vmsg file like Easy Print SMS from Android app that export sms.vmsg file to your phone. For iPhones and Mac or Windows computers this application is available through iTunus. To obtain this application, open iTunues and link up your iPhone to the computer, then install the app from the iTunes App Store. 
·   For synchronize your iPhone with the computer you can use for the Print SMS from Android application. Open Apple iTunes, on the left side of the screen, choose your phone from the list of devices. On the bottom right corner of the screen, select Apply option. If you get connected to a USB cable, or click Synchronize with Wi-Fi under the Summary  tab near the top menu, and then Apply Or Synchronize  if you're using a wireless connection.  
·    Check the setting option by clicking the iPhone icon on your computer. If present, click to clear the check boxes next to Encryption Backup and Synchronize with iCloud and close the window. You should turn off these options in order that SMS Export works appropriately.
·    Right-click or press "Ctrl" + click the iPhone icon and choose "Backup" from the list of options as soon as the backup completes.
·     Download, install and run the SMS EasyReader&Printer program on your computer.  
·     Click Import SMS from iTunes. From the drop down menus, choose what messages you want to export. You may choose all of them, messages of a particular number, only the ones received or only the ones sent. You can even arrange messages by date. When you have built your selections, click the Export option.
·     Enter the file name and save location, such as your hard disk or external disk. Click "Save".
·     Open the file saved from your computer and print it like any other document.

It often seems like almost everyone has an Android Phone today. The android Phone is one of the most popular pieces of technology of our lifetime. Now you may know much more about how to Print SMS from android to PC or Mac. Now, you need to put it to good use. Use the techniques you have learned here.